SWASTI provides a number of social, economic and environmental benefits. We deliver services to the following main classes of
customers and stakeholders

Peace of Mind for Consumers, Brand owners and Government.

Brand Owner

SWASTI positions itself as a Product Manufacturing Source Verifier

Regain market share and reclaim profit lost to counterfeiters.Protect and restore your brand reputation.

Our technology makes QR code, Barcode only sidelined tool to verify the product’s originality since smartphone is yet to be a mass device.

Empowerment of consumers to identify the product’s “source of origin” justifies your social responsibility and accountability that gives them confidence and satisfaction while connecting directly with you.

Our low cost, efficient and realistic solution that mimics how to top up phone balance outweighs other verification technologies (i.e. hologram, QR, Barcode, RFID) in terms of feasibility, convenience and cost.

Our system allows companies and regulators to quickly identify counterfeit hotspots,aiding investigations and prevention efforts.

By enabling your customer to verify the product, you can extend the tail of the supply chain,making the process tamper-proof from the point of manufacturing to the end consumer who actually have most to lose than any others.

Reward programs are incentives designed to create loyalty among customers whenever brand owner agrees to introduce such initiative which can be considered as a bonus for the consumers along with getting true value of their money for the product.


Leveraging Technology to Bring Quality to Everyday Life

Brand Name and Logo on the product surface and packaging materials no longer ensure us about the authentic source: where the product was originally manufactured or produced.Counterfeiters and dishonest businessmen are taking advantage of this gap.

Surprisingly, some of the crucial info of products such as Mfg. date, Exp. date are either very hard to locate or difficult to comprehend due to blur nature of printing.

Technology that allow consumers to verify products on their own bring satisfaction and confidence among consumers regarding the quality of the products. Engaging consumers for verifying the brand of choice might develop a strong bond between their relationship. None of these was ever possible.

Hologram’s authenticity is often limited to brand owners: only they can verify their products using special laser technology but not through naked eye or with easy to use regular device.For QR or Barcode scanning, smartphone is yet to be a mass device.

Our solutions deliver mobile and web experiences whilst bridge you efficiently and quickly to the value in the brands you love, shield you and your family and friends from the fake and diverted stuff in the market.