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Whether it is assisting manufacturers in getting labeling-sticker equipment or implementing a mobile-first consumer engagement strategy, we are always actively involved with you.

Production Source Identification

SWASTI markets its solutions to consumer products makers or brand owners, who affix* the unique hidden codes stickers to their products during manufacturing or importing. We enable you providing a unique identity to each unit coming off your production line and offer ideal solutions both for –

  • High-value products
  • High-volume products

High Value Products

Solutions for high-value products

Applying colored or black-white, eye-catching labels with scratch-off portions that obscure a unique human readable code (similar to telecom operator’s balance recharge card)

High Volume Products

Solutions for high-volume products

Human-readable (/and Data matrix) codes printed directly on packages allow for low unit cost protection, with minimal alterations to your production by modularizing an on-line system for in-line coding at your production plant.

Both these solutions can be integrated with a variety of other security features, if desired.

* The label application process can be automated, semi-automated, or handled manually.

Market Insights & Consumer Engagement

Our technology collects valuable market and consumer data that can be analyzed to drive marketing strategies, target consumers based on purchasing trends, and monitor instances of counterfeiting.

Real time Actionable Market Intelligence

Our technology enabled observation of product verification with an individual consumer gives us opportunity to understand key behavioral metrics about those product users and bonafide consumers that you need to confidently implement strategic changes and understand drivers of performance.

Incentivized Consumer Engagement

While labels alone can lead to healthy consumer engagement, if deployed along with incentives for consumers or retailers to verify, even higher rates of engagement can be attained.

Targeted Promotions

Pull or Reply SMS can lead to unlimited consumer interactions i.e.
product promotions, new products launch, loyalty programs, coupons, prizes and instant drawings, alerts etc.

Regulatory Serialization

SWASTI comply with regulatory serialization and activate it for consumer verification, creating real value for your company. We provide proactive solution(s) to the risks of post-incident responding.

Transform regulatory serialization into value creation

We scan large pools of authentication and user-generated data to mine insights and plot evolving patterns of counterfeiting activity to fires off alerts to partner government agencies, and brand owner taskforces whenever suspicious patterns emerge; enhancing the ability of our client’s vigilance team to assault the nerve centers of counterfeiting activity and to convey the targeted, highly, relevant information about counterfeiting risks to regulators in ways that empower them.

Safety to consumers | Security for brands

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