SWASTI (in Bangla: স্বস্তি) is a Bengali word means “Peace of Mind, Comfort or Satisfaction”.

SWASTI harnessing the power of mobile phones to fight counterfeit products in Bangladesh and give consumers a peace of mind.

SWASTI’s technology provides information directly to consumers, who can then make informed choices and avoid counterfeit purchases.

Problems SWASTI Counteracting


The counterfeit problem is a multi-million-dollar industry that is costing consumers their lives and livelihood.

Manufacturers and Brand owners

Manufacturers are at risk of litigation, lose revenues to counterfeiters and damage reputation of their brands.


Government sometimes face scratchy situation due to potential weakness in the whole system; thus,gangs of counterfeiters often turn to sophisticated mafias.

Problems that lies behind the problem

Existing anti-counterfeiting solutions are QR Code, Barcode and RFID are not feasible in terms of cost and authentication convenience. Digital divide and digital illiteracy are responsible for this inconvenience.

Holograms and stickers are difficult for consumers to recognize and distinguish the original from the fake one.All other covert systems require special scanners to read invisible markings.

How SWASTI come into play?

It’s simple, fast, and works with any mobile device.

SWASTI landed its first major engagement with a2i (Access to Information), Prime Minister’s’ Office (PMO)- Bangladesh, which positioned the SWASTI technology as a national standard.

SWASTI has also gained support from regulatory bodies, i.e. Ministry of Commerce (MoC)- Bangladesh and Department of National Consumer Rights Protection (DNCRP) who have partnered with and endorsed SWASTI.

SWASTI exploits a key leverage point, namely, information flows from original product manufacturer to consumer, to disrupt the counterfeit goods market.

Market Coverage

Our products are designed to meet your specific needs in multiple industries by enabling consumers to verify the authenticity of their products with a simple SMS and online verification.

We offer Brand Protection, Consumer Engagement & Loyalty and Market Intelligence solutions to sectors such as:

  • Consumer Goods / FMCG (includes Home, Beauty & Personal Care/ Cosmetics, Foods & Beverages, Liquor & Tobacco verticals)
  • Consumer Durables
  • Luxury Goods
  • Textiles & Clothing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agro Products & Fertilizers
  • Lubricants, Oil, Building Materials & Industrial Chemicals
  • Electronics parts, Auto Mobile Components & Spare Parts, and several others

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Our Vision is a better life for all by ensuring and bringing the quality of life-impacting products. We dream to enable consumers to make the best purchase decision.


Boosting Brand Value through Empowering Consumer by Ensuring Direct Engagement to the Product Source that Drives Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty.